, Nov 13, 2013

Logicalis today announced the launch of its Flexible Resourcing Service to help UK organisations deliver strategic resourcing solutions to meet the peaks and troughs in business demands.  Available now, the service allows organisations to utilise skilled personnel from Logicalis’ Flexible Resourcing Team to alleviate skills shortages or accelerate the successful implementation and completion of projects. In doing so, they can enjoy potential cost savings and increase productivity, while benefitting from an on-demand network of expertise and experience.

Mark Starkey, Managing Director of Logicalis UK, comments, “In responding to dynamic changes in the business world, organisations are confronted with two challenges – to keep operational costs under control and to adopt better resourcing strategies for maximising productivity. Logicalis’ Flexible Resourcing allows organisations to work in a smarter and more innovative manner, and build a workforce that is highly skilled, agile and fit for purpose.”

The service offers organisations access to a wide talent pool including technical, distributed support, service delivery and project management skills, functioning as an additional strategic unit to assist in achieving business goals. Intended to complement existing in-house teams, Logicalis’ Flexible Resourcing can also help overcome the dilemma organisations often face with staff contingency issues, which can jeopardise key projects and impact business continuity. 

Moreover, the variable cost structure of Logicalis’ Flexible Resourcing can deliver measurable cost savings, explains Starkey; “It’s a case of the right skills at the right time. We can help organisations quickly ramp up their workforce in order to pursue or fulfil new market opportunities, whilst avoiding the direct and indirect costs associated with lengthy recruitment processes and short-term contract liabilities.”

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